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2015 Monterey Cannery Row Auctions

2015 Jack Williams shop and showroom

2015 Shelby Celebrations at Mazda laguna Seca

2015 Quail Auction

2015 Carmel Concours on the avenue

2015 Pebble Beach Concours D elegance

2015 Muse Autosport Mission Raceway Park Track Day

2015 Luxury and Supercars Show

2015 Ocean Park Ford Hot Rod Show

2015 KMS Tools Langley Friday Night Cruise

2015 Crescent Beach Concours d Elegance

2015 Carmel Car Week... Pebble Beach... Laguna Seca Historic Races... Concorso Italiano

2015 BCHRA Willowborrk
Car Show

2015 Torchmen BBQ

2015 KMS Tools Fathers Day Car Show

2015 Pontiac Car Show Langley

2015 Centennial Car Show

2015 Preston's Corvette Show

2015 Derby Grille Car Show

2015 Ride to Live Car Show

2015 Maple Ridge Dry Grad Car Show

2015 Tom The Tire Guys Mother's Day Car Show

2015 Coastal Swap Meet

2015 DW Poppy High School

2015 VCC Otter Co-op

2015 Lamb Fort Langley British Car show

2015 BC Custom Car Show

15 VCCC Easter Run

15 Coffee N Cars Langley


2014 Centennial High School Car Show

2014 PJ's Seafood and Canlan Sports Car SHow at 8 Rinks

2014 Vancouver Collector Car Show Van Dusen Gardens Vancouver

2014 The Carmel Lemons Car Show

2014 Jellybean Autocrafters Canada Day Car Show

2014 Concorso Italiano Carmel CA

2014 T-Bird Club Car Show Cloverdale

2014 LaConner Classic Car and Boat Show

2014 Mustang International Car SHow Richmond BC

2014 Model A Sunday Fort Langley

Vancouver Luxury and Supercar show

2014 2014 Rolex Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Laguna Seca

2014 Crescent Beach Concours d Elegance

2014 Pebble Beach Concours d Elegance

2014 The WestCoasters Daze
2014 Langley Loafers Old Time Drags Mission BC

2014 Langley Loafers Old Time Drags Ashcroft BC
2014 All British Field Meet


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My own comments in Italics...not the views of the History ChannelFeb 4
1913 Tire Of Technology
On this day, Louis Henry Perlman of New York received a patent for the first demountable tire-carrying rim. Until Perlman's invention, changing a tire meant changing the wheel.
So this is the Dude that got Bling-Bling type 22" rims started!!!
Feb 11969 The Rise and Fall of John DeLorean (Frosty the Snowman....)
On this day in 1969, John DeLorean was named the top executive at Chevrolet. DeLorean had risen precipitously through the ranks at Pontiac, where he pioneered the successful GTO and Grand Prix models. As the general manager of Chevrolet, DeLorean sold a record 3,000,000 cars and trucks in 1973. Poised as a top candidate for the presidency of General Motors (GM), DeLorean walked away from Chevrolet in late 1973 to start his own company.
This is all you really need to know about this serious carnut. Apparently his new car company didn't go so well

If you still want to know more>>
1921 Record-Setting Taxi Driver

Carmen Fasanella of Princeton, New Jersey, obtained his cab driver's license at the tender age of 17. Mr. Fasanella would go on to drive his taxi for the next 68 years and 243 days, setting an unofficial record for the longest continuous career for a cabbie.
It is interesting to note that modern Cab drivers pay respect to this great cab hero by not showering so they smell like they have been driving for 68 years.June 5 1951

T-Top patent is issued

Gordon M. Buehrig was issued a U.S. patent for his "vehicle top with removable panels," an invention that would eventually appear as a "T-top" on the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Buehrig was one of the early automobile stylists. Buehrig was one of the first choosen by Harley Earl for General Motors' (GM) new Art and Colour Section. He also was responsible for getting rid of running boards...but his boss first got the credit.

It is unknown if the rumours are true, that before the t-roof thing he invented a spray that removed the mildew smell from Automobile carpets that got wet from leaky roofs, and it did not sell well until 1968 with introduction of the first T-roofs on Corvettes...

2014 Tom the Tire Guys Mother's Day Car Show

2014 Easter VCCC Run Photos by Gerry Frechette

VCCC Fraser Valley Chalpter car show at Otter Co-op

2014 BC Classic and Custom Car Show at Tradex

2014 Haney Swapmeet

2014 BCHRA Garage Tour of Jim Ratsoy's collection


2013 Year End

2013 Langley Cruise-In Car Show

2013 Crescent Beach Invitational Car Show Crescent Beach, BC

2013 Rolex Monterey Historic races Laguna Seca California

2013 Pebble Beach Concours d Elegance

2013 Pebble Beach Tour d Elegance

2013 Carmel Concours on the Avenue

2013 Bonneville Speedweek...well actually only one day.



Downtown Abbotsford Car Show
Surrey Show N Shine Cloverdale
Westcoasters Daze in White Rock
Langley Loafers Old time races Mission Raceway Park

Puyallip Good Guys
Prestons Downtown Car Show

A&W Newton Car Show
Bob's Big Boy in Burbank CA

Doorwarz Racesat Missions Raceway Park

Pontiacs at Cascade Casino Langley BC
Corvettes at Prestons Langley BC
Old Car Sunday in the Park
Mission BC

Old Car Sunday in the Park

KMS Tools Pre Father's Day
Show N Shine

KMS Tools Pre Father's Day Show N Shine
Third Annual Centennial High School Show n Shine
Third Annual Centennial High School Show n Shine

Revive Em and Drive Em

Revive Em and Drive Em

VCCC Otter Co-Op Spring Car Show
VCCC Otter Co-Op Spring Car Show

All British Field Meet All British Field Meet

DW Poppy Car Show Cam Hutchins DW Poppy Car Show
VCCC Easter Run from Oakridge Vancouver Cam Hutchins VCCC Easter Run leaving Oakridge Mall Vancouver BC
4th Corner Elites Leprechaun Daze Bellingham

Pumpkin Run Bellingham

Trip to Merrit to get a 1941 Buick for a friend

Lemay Museum tour with the BCHRA and the Thunderbird Club

Pioneers of Motorsport Induction

Kirkland Concours d Elegance

Langley Good Time Cruise in

Crescent Beach Invitational Concours

The Cobras at Laguna Seca

Pebble Beach
Concours d Elegance

Rolex Monterey Historic Races Laguna Seca

Surrey Show N Shine Cloverdale

BC Historic Motor races Mission raceway.

Shelby Car Club Show N Shine Surrey BC

Healeys at Deeleys Harley Davidson

Langley Loafer Old Time Drags Mission

Wrecked cars that used to be near the Patullo Bridge

Italian Cultural Centre Car Show

Edgemont Village Car Show

Torchmen BBQ

Key West New West Car Show

Mopar Unlimited Show & Shine

North Van Canadian Tire Cruise Night

Langley KMS Tools Cruise Night

Jelly Bean Autocrafters Canad Day Show and Tour

SOVREN Historic Races Seattle

Langley NAPA Auto Parts Show & Shine

German Car Show North Van

Old Car Sunday in the Park

KMS Tools Father`s day Show Coquitlam

A&W Maple Ridge

Langley Loafers Old Time Drags Ashcroft

Wrecking Yard in Clinton BC

Revive Em and Drive Em Car Spectatular
2012 Centennial High School Show N Shine
2012 The Whip Restaurant Gallery Show N Shine
2012 Ride to Live Car Show

2012 Coastal Swapmeet

2012 May NHRA Drags at Mission

2012 All British Field meet Van Dusen Gardens
Tom The Tire Guys Mother's Day Car Show

DW Poppy High School Show N Shine

LAMB St George's Day British Car Show

VCCC Golden Ears SwapMeet

VCCC Easter Cruise

Portland Roadster Show

Fraser Valley World of Wheels

Older event coverage here>>


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Below are links to content that has been sent to me by various guys know who you are...Allan C, Gerry S. John S, Vince M, Wolf R, Tom P and many others. If you get a cool e-mail with a cool story about a car or hot rods or driving, racing, literally anything a Carnut may be interested in. So take a look and have some fun as most of these are fairly humourous...
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Some very cool racing footage of Graham Hill and Dan Gurney from Speedvision's "Legends of Motorsport"
When I was researching the Shelby King Cobra for the Portrait I was working on I came across two amazing articles on a really cool website called
These two articles document a race at Augusta and the Bahama Speed Week.
December 1-6, 1963 - Shelby American take their red hot King Cobra's to the Bahamas to run the Nassau Speed Weeks.
March 1, 1964 - US Road Racing Championship at Augusta Georgia.
Shelby American brought two Cobra Roadsters and two King Cobras to Augusta International Raceway for two seperate USRRC races. Dave MacDonald & Ken Miles ran in both.
I have archived the two articles in case the website ever gets removed.
King Cobra King CObra JCB DieselMax - 308 mph - Diesel-Powered Car
JCB DieselMax - 308 mph - Diesel-Powered Car

Submitted by Carnut's good friend Dave Green e-mail funnies Farmers Hot Rod Submitted by G Solly
Farmers Hot Rod Submitted by G Solly e-mail funnies A true Car Obsession
A true Car Obsession
Submitted by G Solly funny e-mails Durham South Carolina arguably the worlds toughest bridge. Submitted by Allan C
Durham South Carolina arguably the worlds toughest bridge. Submitted by Allan C
Watch the Video>> MIllion Dollar Rooms: Paradise Valley, AZ (Craig Jackson Garage)
MIllion Dollar Rooms: Paradise Valley, AZ (Craig Jackson Garage) Submitted by Ron A
watch video>> e-mail funnies
WOW ……………… This one scored a perfect 10 !!   
What 55 - 0 in 30 feet?  Ouch!
Submitted by Vince M
1950 Chevrolet Club Coupe, 437 original miles,
only three owners.
Submitted by Grant R

Morgans high speed assembly line Submitted by Chris R  

George Poteet's car collection (including Speed Demon)!!!
Jalopy Journal Submitted by Gerry S e-mail funnies World fastest Sedan
Fastest Sedan at Bonneville
check out the website>> e-mail funnies Presidential Limo

20 things you (probably) didn't know about Caddy One...I know all of this from ereading the awesoe Vince Flynn Novels...The James Bond of the USA!!!
Submitted by Chris R e-mail funnies Goodwood Revival
‘You don’t go merely to watch Goodwood. When you go, you become Goodwood. And the reward for this participation is extraordinary. The 2012 Revival paddock is estimated to be worth somewhere north of $1-billion.’ (Matt Jacques photography)
Submitted by Gerry S e-mail funnies  The Best Damned Pictures of The World Famous Swindlers Poker Run!!!
The Best Damned Pictures of The World Famous Swindlers Poker Run!!! - THE H.A.M.B.
Submitted by Gerry S
Chevrolet : Corvette World's Fastest Street Legal Car
Get it before it is gone...2500 HP Corvette Street legal
Submitted by Tom P
Subject: W.T.F.? - One 'different' style of hot-rodding in Japan.
Submitted by Gerry S e-mail funnies
Subject: Pictures from the 2012 San Diego area 'Deuce Day', for 1932 Fords. (Fifty-seven of them were in attendance.)


The evils of Rain cannot be understated. This fellow has 2 cool Ferraris, so had someone else drive this car home and a a bit of rain ruined the drive. This happened a short distance from the Supercar Show at Van Dusen Gardens.
Courtesy of YouTube


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June 1966 Hot RodJune 1966 Hot Rod
Check out some pages and ads from the June 1966 Hot Rod Magazine...I just took photos of the pages but they are readable.

Here is a real treat to many car waiting to be played with....I'll take a 59 wagon and a couple old trucks.... got great coverage in the Vancouver Province on August 24.
Here is the story about me
Here are my Photo Tips

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April 17
Patents for the electric Starter Motor and the Introductin of the Mustang
January 26

1979 Yeeeeeee-Haw-Ralphhhh!!!!

The Dukes of Hazzard, a prime-time television action/comedy show, aired for the first time on this day. However, the real star of the show was their car, "The General Lee," a 1969 Dodge Charger with a bright orange paint job and a Confederate flag on its roof. The car was a suitable choice: Dodge Chargers won 22 of the 54 major NASCAR races in 1969. The Dukes of Hazzard ran for seven seasons.

As a young adult carnut in 1979 I never watched a full show of the "Dukes" but was repulsed from just watching the commercials. As an older Adult that just finished watching the "Barrett Jackson" I am repulsed by all the Chargers they wrecked....if only they had used 1972 era Chargers....the world would be a better place!!!

November 23
1897 Olds Issued Patent For "Motor Carriage"

On this day, Ransom Eli Olds of Lansing, Michigan, is issued a U.S. patent for his "motor carriage," a gasoline-powered vehicle that he constructed the year before. In 1887, when he was only 18, Olds built his first automobile, a steam-propelled three-wheeled vehicle.

This first vehicle built buy the young Ransom was called the 4-3-2 and was aimed at the younger sportier steam Crowd. 4-3-2 stood for 4 gallons of water...3 wheels...2 horsepower.

more from the History Channel
more form GM about the Automobile they crushed and threw by the way side!!!!

Oct 23
1973 - The Oil Embargo is only 5 days old and Toyota held its first national news conference in Los Angeles, to highlight the remarkable fuel efficiency of their one likes a smart ass. This of course prompted Ford and GM to bring out their own fuel efficient Pinto and Vega. That sure showed them Japanese!!! More>>
1970 -The Blue Flame reaches an average speed of 631.367mph more>>
April 3

1996 Art Car

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City placed a Jaguar E-Type in its permanent exhibit. The E-Type was just the third car to be honored by the curators of the museum's permanent exhibit. Released in 1961, the E-Type was the first model released by Jaguar Motors after a disastrous fire destroyed the company's production facilities in 1957. The car's sleek lines made it an immediate success. Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons first made an impact in the automobile industry when he bolted a car body he designed onto the frame of an Austin Seven Car. His car, the Austin Swallow, was so successful that Lyons determined to manufacture his own automobiles. The E-Type is the epitome of Jaguar's exquisite feel for body design. The car is literally a work of art.

I am betting that this is probably the first work of art to have a drip pan!!!

phoenix. A bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes. Thank heavens for the phoenix...or some other mythical creature to save the company. I am thinking that many times during the 70's 80's and 90's Management got together to figure out how they could burn the place down and start over worked before!!!
  Are you curious about someplace in the world but looking for an encyclopedia( heck who even knows how to spell it?) seems too tedious...
Get the CIA Factbook
Apparently the CIA knows a lot about the world and they post it for anyone to see.